Aatulya Eventz lives up to its name in every way. I was completely blown away by their excellence in executing our very complex event. Every little detail was taken care of in a superb manner.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job in running our event. The evening was perfectly planned and executed. Many people came to us to compliment the marvelous event. It was a wonderful expe

I would describe Aatulya Eventz in two ways: Total Reliability and Absolute Confidence.

Aatulya are fantastic people to work with. The team were excellent to work with and provided great support. They showed real commitment to the event and no problem was too big

Family Day

With a wealth of experience creating memorable corporate family days of all sizes and a wide variety of themes, our corporate family days are meticulously planned and flawlessly performed from beginning to end. We also have an extensive selection of superb venues that have demonstrated their reliability in hosting corporate events with us in the past.

Family time is the best time and a happy employee turns out to be more efficient in terms of productivity in office. We help you design and plan a day to celebrate your employees’ association with you.  Our efforts lies in choosing the perfect venue and theme that is sure to leave your employee and his family satisfied and proud of being in your company. We understand that it in the competitive job market, it is wise to retain your existing staff than to re-invest on training a new recruit.

To help you delight your employees and let them unwind, we make the day eventful by organizing fun events, games & activities, a bevy of delectable refreshments and entertainment. 

 It is our full-service approach to helping you create the perfect day for your valued employees that has been the key to our continued success. From the overall theme, to taking care of the tiniest details, our professional team will help you choose refreshments, activities and entertainment to delight your employees and their families.